Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

When the sets, darkness engulf the land, but fear not, there is always a brighter and greener solution to light up your life. By switching to LED Lights, not only do you get the brightness you want but you also do your part in helping mother earth preserve her natural beauty.
But why use LED lights when other light bulbs work just fine? For those of you who are unfamiliar and afraid of what might happen when you do change to LED lights, let us light up your mind and show you that this is not something to be afraid of, but it should be something to be welcomed.
At first you might think that LED Lights are expensive and regular light bulbs would be just fine. However, most do not know that they are getting what they paid for. LED lights, compared to regular light bulbs, have a longer life span of up to 50, 000 hours which is equivalent to 2,083 days if you leave the light one for 24 hours straight. It is also 10 times more energy efficient and it helps reduce operating cost from 70-90%.For companies and offices which use a lot of electricity, this is a really cost saving and efficient way to manage; less hassle, more power.
Due to the low power consumption of LED lights, it saves more than 70% worth of power, and it generates less heat which will help lower the risk of it catching a blaze.Less heat also means less usage on air conditioning. Imagine the amounts a big cooperation can save from this. Moreover, it has low carbon emission and NO UV Ray emission, which creates less damage to sensitive objects and fabrics. Objects such as precious tapestries, books, cloth can be damaged if they are over exposed to this light source creating a major loss in stock.
As you all already know, it is eco-friendly and durable caring due to its non-toxic and mercury free built; being able to withstand great shock, vibration and high temperature conditions.You don’t have to worry about it breaking when it is delivered to you, as this is a fear of many companies as fragile things come. Imagine having no worries when you open that box and all you get is what you paid for. And on the plus side, it has an immediate start up time creating instant brightness with dimmer functions. With that any darkness you ever feel will be illuminated in a matter of seconds.
Still not convinced? Well let’s take a look at the statistics of a normal light bulb. Generally, a normal light bulb has a lifespan of only 12, 000 hours and that would only be a short 500 days; 4 times less than an LED light bulb. I should also mention that its energy efficiency is only 64%.
Commonly these light bulbs are made with mercury inside, a neurotoxin material which has no way to be recycled. This neurotoxin is dangerous especially for children and expecting mothers. The big problem is that these bulbs break easy and countless of them break during shipping before they even reach the shelves of shops due to their fragile nature. Once these bulbs break, the mercury will seep into the soil destroying the land causing danger to your health and towards mother earth.
That is not all; the most important fact about these light bulbs is the high risk when using it. The most common problem with normal light bulbs is its low heat resistance and high heat emission. The heat it emits compared to a LED light bulb is more than 5 times. The high value is not the only problem. The major problem here is the likeliness that the light bulb will catch on fire; a huge risk to take considering the fire came from a tiny light bulb.
Now, before you shop for your light bulbs, ask yourself this. Is it worth it to put your whole business and yourself in danger from this huge risk? Think about it, by purchasing LED-O’s LED light bulbs, not only do you get what you pay for, you are also doing a favor to yourself, your company and towards mother earth. This is just a small step you can take to ensure a safer and greener future for many more years to come. Let this be the guiding light to you daily life.

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